Regional Development Australia Far North has South Australia's smallest population of around 2 percent and is the largest RDA by size covering a land mass just under 800,000 square kilometres. The RDA Far North region takes in the diverse and spectacular landscapes of the Flinders Ranges and Outback of South Australia.

RDA Far North is an incorporated not for profit organisation governed by a volunteer Board and supported by federal, state and local governments. Board members are committed volunteers who represent the diversity of the regions communities, businesses and local government.

Opportunities for economic growth in this region exist in the sectors of clean energy and technology, tourism, transport, defence, resources, services, food and the arts. RDA Far North is committed to supporting economic growth, investment and robust sustainability in our region. We provide a range of programs offering business, Economic, Tourism and Workforce Development service to businesses and individuals throughout the region. We facilitate access to a full range of government and non-government support programs available to our stakeholders.

RDA Far North works closely with enterprises to support business growth and sustainability and to ensure workforce training needs are met. We also work with individuals through workforce development programs to provide skills and training to assist in finding meaningful and ongoing employment in the industries that will help our region grow and perform. RDA Far North also delivers or facilitates a range of other services on behalf of other state and Federal government departments.

RDA Far North is driven by a strong desire to see its region grow and prosper, this is underpinned with key economic drivers:

  • Strong and diverse economic base with prosperous sustainable regional businesses and industry
  • Technology enhanced smart region that capitalises on digital opportunities
  • Regional infrastructure that is fit for purpose and facilitates growth
  • An informed and aware region with strong stakeholder relationships
  • Confidence in regional employment availability and opportunities
  • RDA Far North services the region via a mobile multidisciplinary team who are passionate regional people, highly experienced in their fields and committed to achieving great outcomes for South Australia's Far North Region.